Monday, November 5, 2007

Cuenca - 4th - 7th October 2007

Arriving in Cuenca after the long bus and train journey and it was gonna be really nice to hop in a nice hot shower.

I arrive at El Cafecito in the centre of the city and found that my room mate for the next couple of days is a very tall (6´4") Aussie guy, Ross. Who really loved to chat and proceded to do so for the next two hours!
He´s a nice guy though so we tended to hang out together over the next couple of days which was good. He was funny though, he had just spent a week in Quito and I don´t know if it was this or just him but he was very very nervous of the local people and what might happen, which for the short amount of time I spent with him then made me nervous, which really in reality isn´t a great way to feel! A couple of times when we were walking down the street a car or bike would backfire and he nearly jumped out of his skin, luckily I was there to save him (with my grand height of 5´3" in comparision!).
I did wonder if the same would apply with regards to our other room mates. I, apparently (according to Ross) had the best bed, what didn´t factor into this bargain was that I also had the mice!

Each time I went anywhere near my bed all I could hear was munching! And if that wasn´t enough, when I awoke early in the morning and tried to get back to sleep all I could hear was squeaking and lots and lots of it very very loud!! Those mice really wanted to get out of the wall, fortunately for me, during my stay, they never succeeded!

Cuenca is really just another city and although attractive it doesn´t really have too much else going on, unless of course you like cities and I don´t really.
While we were there we visited the cathedral and a museum or two but because of Ross´s nervousness he kept advising against going anywhere else. I didn´t mind really, on the first day we saw a few places that I wanted to see but after that I was then sick AGAIN so wasn´t up to much else really.

The cathedral.

I took the oportunity of not wandering about to book a place on a Galapagos cruise, then the rest of the time to work out exactly how I´m gonna pay for it!
That was another experience in itself - I had to tranfer money into a bank account which the bank couldn´t do because my card was international, thats ok I thought I´ll just go get the cash from an ATM then pay it into the account, but the ATM I used would only give $100 dollars at a time!! So I then stood there taking out a $100 dollars at a time with Ross keeping watch and counting the receipts for me until I reached my daily limit! I guess in Ecuador 50 pounds goes a long way in one withdrawal, they obviously hadn´t anticipated the cost of a Galapagos trip, neither had I, I don´t think!

The Square.

Tomorrow off to Banos.

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