Saturday, October 20, 2007

Bus to Puno - 20th October 2007

The bus to Puno was leaving at 9.45 am and I got to the bus terminal at 8. 45 am!!!!
Pretty good huh with my usual time keeping!

Since being here my timekeeping has dramatically improved, which is odd really as South America time is always a little late!

I had opted for the front seat again on this journey and luckily this time I got it which was great. I got to have a great view of the trip down to Puno, including the couple of times when the driver was convinced he was gonna make the overtaking of a larger vehicle when I could easily see he couldn´t, but all in good fun though huh?!

I did have a front seat but in front of me was two kinda bench seats with a table in front which was pretty good, I guess it was for people to come and have a change of scenary. This is where I met Sterling and Anje a young couple from Canada, they had spent the last 3 days solely on a bus from Lima missing out all the sights and delights inbetween just to get to Puno and Lake Titicaca.
They had no-where sorted to stay in Puno so decided to come along with me to where I was staying which had been recommended from Bothy Hostal In Arequipa. I think there is a bit of a system going for that kinda thing, it works though so thats good!

We were treated to a movie on the way down, this time it was Ghost in Spanish with no subtitles, luckily we had all seen the movie so many times we didn´t need it in English!

The journey down to Puno took 6 hours and the scenery as we were heading down to Lake Titicaca really was amazing and the first view of the lake itself was incredible, the water looked so blue and inviting, I´m guessing though with an altitutde of 3830m the water was gonna be pretty cold!!

My first view of Lake Titicaca

Arriving in Puno we were given a warm welcome by Gilda the owner of Inkas Rest Hostal. Back at the hostal after a well deserved shower I could hear a couple of familiar voices in reception and wandered out to find Sarah and Vicki who had been on the Colca Canyon trek at the same time as me but with another company! It is funny how we all seem to be going around Peru the same way!

Tomorrow is a big important day in Peru, the national census! Apparently they haven´t done a cencus since 1993 and unlike England and many other countries they are not sending out forms in the post, instead everyone and it really does mean everyone has to stay home and wait for an official to come to the house to ask them questions! This also includes us! I was planning to visit the floating islands on Lake Titicaca tomorrow and apparently that would have been ok!! In the end though our very hospitable hosts, Gilda and her husband Alfredo, decided to put on a BBQ for us and promptly went out and bought all the food and beer for the occasion and it was decided that we would all opt for a lay in, a catch up on the internet and have the BBQ in the afternnon and evening, visiting the islands the next day.

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