Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I´ve arrived! - 10th October 2007

Yay!! I´ve arrived!! After just 24 hours travelling as well! :)

Renaldo picked me up from the airport without any problems at all, and after spending the last half hour of the flight practising my greeting to him and introduction he goes and welcomes me in perfect English with a strong American accent!

The hostel I´m staing in is very friendly and clean although last night there was just a small problem of the door not actually closing!! Soon sorted that though and this morning I was moved to another room which was better as the door even locks!

I´m now heading off into down town Miraflores and all that has to offer, one of the owners has just been giving me the low down on places to visit he has advised me to head off to a location where they sell nice but expensive 'handicraps', worth checking out I´m thinking! :)
Then I´m gonna head off to my very first Inca temple!

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