Sunday, October 21, 2007

National Census - 21st October 2007

So the well desired and deserved layin didn´t quite go to plan this morning!
My bed was as saggy as it could possibly be and the smell from the toilet and drains in the room next door was incredible! It also didn´t help that there was a 2 foot gap at the top of my door leading into the hallway where the bathroom was! Oh well can´t have it all I guess!

The Inkas Rest is a nice little hostal, where on each floor there is a living area with bedrooms leading off of them, a dinning area and a bathroom and it was nice because Vicky, Sarah, Sterling, Anje and myself were all on the same floor.
We opted for a late lazy breakfast and then decided to catch up on email until BBQ time.

The people doing the census had apparently first arrived at 8am but Alfredo had told them to come back later as we were still asleep! Him and his wife are so funny and very friendly, although I wonder if they are a little stoned at times as they keep hold of their coco leaf tea caddy all the time, never letting go!

While we were having breakfast the first census people arrived for locals, then half hour later someone came to ask us questions. The people conducting the censusa were little more than college students and they were filling out the forms in pencil (!!) so I´m not really sure how much of the info will end up correct and in the right place but they seemed happy with it! They asked us some bizare questions but we obliged willingly and 10 mins later they were on their way and we were warming up for our BBQ!

Some of the others started early but I decided to catch up on stuff before joining the party, unfortutely for me it wasn´t a very long party! I joined the others on the roof and had an Alpaca sausage, a small amount of chicken and a bit of salad, accompanied with a glass of beer and then a glass of wine and that was it, honestly it was! Well, maybe an hour later I started to feel ill and excused my self then half hour after that I started being ill and didn´t finish till midnight! For those of you who have seen the Little Britain sketch of the ladies at the fete and the vomiting, well it was that bad and then some!! I felt rotten and it was all going on in a saggy bed which was next door to a horrid smelling toilet! I´m not sure what it was, whether it was food poisoning or just a bug but I was freezig cold all afternoon and evening under 4 Alpaca blankets till midnight then I felt 100 times better, warm and well enough to think about the Islands tour the next day!

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