Thursday, October 25, 2007

Cusco - 25th October 2007

The day before the trek!! And I`m still feeling pretty nervous!

My Californian roomys were very considerate last night despite coming in at about 4 am! But then at about 5 am we had two more roommates arrive from somewhere so for tonight, the night before my 3.30 am wake up call I decided to head off and find somwhere else to stay.

I came accross a nice little place near to the Plaza and got myself a single room with a bathroom which was a bit of a treat!

The rest of the day was spent wandering around soaking up the atmosphere and preparing myself for the forthcoming trip!

I had started to get my things together for what I wanted to take with me, which is when I realised I had forgotten the water purification tablets that I had trapsed all over Eastbourne and Orlando (!) for! Oh well hopefully someone else will have them if we need them!

At 7pm I headed back to the Llama path office for my briefing, I already knew there was going to be 10 people on the trek but that was it, and as there was an even number of people it would mean I would be sharing a tent but again I had no idea who with.

I was the third to arrive after an America couple who seem very nice and a very tall, handsome, very friendly single French guy who I would be sharing the tent with! :-)
Next to arrive was two more Americans, sisters and it was then that we found out that 2 peole had dropped out already!

We were still 2 down though and shortly after Leanne and Ant arrived, a lovely couple from England who have been in Australia for a year and are travelling around South America on their way home.

Casiano our guide went through the basics with us of what we need and what to expect etc.
Leanne, Ant and I are the only ones who have hired porters for our gear and I`m the only one to have bought my own sticks! Although a couple of others have hired them for the trip as well, after the Colca Canyon trip I was definately taking the poles! And the idea of carrying all my gear is not an option athough I think the others were a little like the "English team are taking the easy option!" YEP! Or at least a bit easier hopefully!

So tomorrows the big day!

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