Thursday, October 11, 2007

Pisco - 11th October 2007

So following the earthquake of 15th August near Pisco, Pedro and Christian the joint owners of Family Backpackers where I´ve been staying in Lima advised me against going there but apart from my personal interest in seeing the area I´ve been checking the info on the internet and there is at least one hostal still standing and open and I´m sure they´re not having too many visitors so I´m gonna give it a go!

The bus I decided to get from Lima to Pisco was a local one so as I had aleady bought a Pacsafe webbing for my rucksac I thought better safe than sorry and I´d use it, unfortunately I had left the instructions at home!! And with 5 mins till I had to leave for the bus, time was running out! Anyhow after a fashion I managed to figure it out, kinda!

On arrival at the bus terminal it turns out that my travelling companion is a nice but way too talkaltive Israely guy, Noam, (Kim - unfortunately nothing like the Israely guy I was sitting with on my last return from California!). And after spending 5 mins talking at me decided that he was gonna change his plans and join me in Pisco!
The bus journey from Lima to Pisco took 3 hours and my traveling companion managed to talk for at least 2 hours and 55 mins of that journey!

Pisco has been pretty much completely devastated by the earthquake but amazingly the San Isidro hostal is still standing, not too sure how to be honest, but it is and they were really pleased to see us!

This is not the San Isidro hostal but another less fortunate building!

We then headed off into town and the market area to take a look around, and I´m sure Naom managed to annoy one or two people with his constant picture taking and general annoyingness but we´ve managed to live to tell the tale!

This is a fabulous fruit and veg stand in Pisco.

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