Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Cusco - 23rd October 2007

This morning I headed off to Cusco in preperation for my Inca trail trek.

I took a bus called First Class from Puno which stopped off at several historical interest sites along the way. It was a pretty good service with lunch included and drinks along the way as well as a guided tour of all the sites.

The bus took 9 and half hours and stopped at 5 different sites which were all very interesting and it was good to get off and stretch the legs every now and then!

On arrival in Cusco I had decided to book into Loki hostel! Loki is billed as a "where the party is at" hostal!! I heard so much about it from so many different people that I decided I had to give it a go, and it did claim to have comfy beds, hot water and breakfast included, I was sold!

The hostel itself is at the top of a very steep hill and has fantastic views over the city.
Listening to other peoples accounts of getting no sleep at the hostel I had previously decided to opt for a small dorm thinking that it might be a little quieter! On arrival I was shown into the wrong room which was much larger, but as my temporary roomys were 3 Californian guys who seemed very considerate and friendly I decided to stay there and see how it went.

Well they weren´t kidding when everyone said you get no sleep! But hey the beds were supper comfy and the water very hot, and on that note I got an early night!

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