Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Huaca Pucllana (my first Inca temple) - 10th October 2007

It was my first day in South America so I decided to start as I meant to continue and headed off to find Huaca Pucllana, an Inca ruin not far from where I was staying. Well after about an hour of walking who knows where I came across a securidad guard who thankfully pointed me in the right direction! And I´m glad he did as it was a very interesting site and our guide was very knowlegable explaining everything in perfect English! I will get a chance to practise my Spanish soon, I´m sure!

So after my brief brush with culture I headed off into town with only a sketchy map to guide the way, to see what that part of town had to offer!
It wasn´t quite what I was expecting to be honest as it´s not too dissimilar to some other major cities that caters for tourists with Pizza Hut, McDonalds, TGI Friday and Burger King etc on several street corners!

I came across an open top bus tour and decided on jumping aboard to get the highlights of the area before I moved on the next day, although it turned out I had aleady seen the major sights! Hey, it was a nice bus journey!
I wandered back to the hostel along the beach just as it was getting dark, mentally planning my onward travel.

Next stop Pisco, the location of the magnitude 8 earthquake on 15th August this year.

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